About Us

The NEW HAMPSHIRE SKEET SHOOTING ASSOCIATION (NHSSA) active members participate regularly in competitive skeet shooting throughout the state and nationally. NHSKEET.COM will attempt to give you an overview of the functions and activities of your Association. Should you have any questions regarding the Association, please do not hesitate to ask your local skeet club contact person found listed in the “Contact Us” link or contact a NHSSA officer, also listed there. They will be happy to talk with you about all things related to our sport, association and local clubs.

We have one active club in New Hampshire, 20th Skeet and Clays.  We are always looking for new members. If you are an avid skeet shooter, we are your connection to NH skeet shooting events and happenings. If you are looking to begin, come on out and give skeet shooting a try.

The Clubs are strong supporters of the National Rifle Association, The National Skeet Shooting Association and other organizations dedicated to the right to keep and bear arms. We promote good sportsmanship and the conservation of our land and wildlife.

The staffs of all the clubs get all of the fields ready to go in the morning and close them at the end of the day so the fields are always ready for people to shoot. This makes it convenient for shooters to come out and get a couple of rounds in when they have some spare time or if you are planning on spending the day it makes for a pleasant shooting experience.

Partners & Affiliates:

20th Skeet & Clays

Purpose of NHSSA:

The NEW HAMPSHIRE SKEET SHOOTING ASSOCIATION has been organized to promote the sport of skeet shooting in the state. This is accomplished through organization, service to our membership, and oversight of the competitive shooting activities of each participating club.

The Association provides the following services for its membership:

1. Provides shooters the opportunity to compete in skeet tournaments. These tournaments or shoots are conducted using the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) rules for shooting with some changes that are normally given in the shoot program provided by the shoot management. Competitive shoots in New Hampshire are normally registered with NSSA with the exception of fun shoots. Only targets registered with NSSA will be considered in determining State Teams.

2. On NHSKEET.COM, you will be advised of the activities of the Association and individual club functions as well as any pertinent information regarding the state organization.

3. You will be provided a shoot schedule that will give you the location of all of the registered shoots to be held during a given shoot year in NH and surrounding states as the info is available. The fiscal year for skeet shooting begins on January 1 and ends on December 31.  We follow the same fiscal year as NSSA.

4. On NHSKEET.COM, minutes of the General Membership meeting will be posted, as they are available. We will strive to post event scores when received from shoot management.

In Summary:

We hope that the information provided has helped you to understand NHSSA and what it does. If you have any questions regarding the Association and/or NHSKEET.COM, we are ready to listen and respond as quickly as possible.

Please send us any and all suggestions you may have for making both the NHSSA and the Website meet your needs.

Good luck and good shooting!

2019 Board of Directors
  • President – Dan Gebers
  • Vice President – Dan Moran
  • Secretary – Cheryl Baldassaro
  • Treasurer – Jamee Landry
  • 20th Director – Jim Demaio
  • Chief Referee – Dave Landry